Round Up for Broward Health Foundation is a simple way that restaurants can support the Broward Health Foundation which provides services, programs, and equipment for the patients and staff at four local hospitals in the Broward Health Hospital district. The Round Up program allows customers paying with a credit card to round up their bill to the nearest dollar with that amount going as a charitable donation to the Broward Health Foundation.


How can a Restaurant or Business participate?

Simply notify the Foundation of your intent to participate by completing the attached participation form or go to our website and click the link to sign up. A Broward Health Foundation representative will then contact you to get you started.

How will Broward Health Foundation recognize and promote a participating Restaurant or Business?

Participating restaurants and businesses will be promoted on our website and on social media. We will also promote restaurants through public and community relations efforts. Flyers will be circulated to our large donor base to encourage visits to the participating restaurants. Round Up for Broward Health Foundation will also be promoted to the 8,000 employees throughout Broward Health, and employees will be encouraged to share the program with their friends and family.

How will I collect the donation?

Most point of sale (POS) systems allow for the creation of a SKU set to round up a purchase to the next dollar. On the back end of the system, it’s typically easiest to list the SKU in your system as something like a gift card (or anything easily recognizable) so that the totals can be easily tracked in QuickBooks or whichever system you’re using.

When are donations due to the Broward Health Foundation?

We ask that donations collected be made to us on a monthly basis.

Do I have to commit to a certain length of time for my Restaurant’s or Business' participation?

The program is ongoing and we want to be a continued partner with your restaurant or business. However, you can withdraw from participating at any time.

Will this program cost me any money?

No, participating in Round Up for Broward Health Foundation program has no fee attached.

How will the donations be used?

Donations will be allocated for the greatest need to the Broward Health hospital near you. Donations support a wide range of programs and services throughout the hospital system including pediatric programs, breast cancer services, cardiac health programs, and employee financial assistance just to name a few.

Why should my Restaurant of Business participate in the Broward Health Foundation Round Up program?

Partnering with a charitable organization can boost employee morale, build on your company’s brand, and make a major difference in the lives of many patients and staff at your local hospital.

Charitable giving is an emerging trend in the hospitality industry that will help you to generate more business by drawing in new customers to your restaurant or business, happy in the knowledge that their money isn’t only being spent on a tasty meal, but also benefiting their community. Your customers will appreciate your giving back to the community and become loyal returners.